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Azure Interiors offers a full range of interior design services right from product selection and space planning to delivery and complete installation. We are focused on creating beautiful spaces and delivering interior solutions for our clients on time and as per their budget.

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Interior designing of your home is the most important thing since you spend every day inside your home making memories. So, designing it beautifully and within budget, is very essential. If you to design your home, we offer excellent design plans to our valued customers.

We design everything in your home right from the modular kitchen, wardrobe, to the living room, pooja room, bedroom, and kids’ room. We keep a keen interest in meeting the needs of our clients.

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Commercial interiors play an important part in the success of any business. Being one of the best interior designers, we offer packages for all types of customers starting from renovation to absolute interiors. We are your one-stop solution for your interior requirements for your commercial space. We offer top-class interior designing solutions for your commercial space.

 Our commercial services include office, shop, hotel, showroom, and commercial construction. We are completely focused on quality and customer satisfaction and offer the best interior design services to our clients.

Retail design

We create the retail areas to encourage a pleasant and trouble-free shopping experience for the customer. We create your retail locations to entice customers inside to shop. 

By leveraging spatial clues to amuse customers and encourage them to buy products, we enable them to have a thematic experience. The retail displays that we create tell the story of your brand and products, inform customers about them, and ultimately increase consumer desire for the products on exhibit.



A residential or commercial space looks great with good lighting designs. We offer a wide range of lighting solutions for any residential or commercial space such as attractive chandeliers, beautiful floor lamps, LED lights, pendants, wall sconces, etc. 

We always use high-quality products and the designs made by us are very attractive and can be customized as per the demand of our esteemed clients. Also, before offering our services we understand our client’s needs and preferences so that we can make the best use of their space.


Garden and landscape

The greenery and biophilic features within or outside the residential or commercial spaces are designed, installed, and maintained by our skilled indoor landscape designers. 

Our interior landscapers enhance the aesthetics of homes, businesses, hotels, resorts, hospitals, and other buildings. In order to make the area appear more inviting and conducive to the environment, we design interior spaces, gardens, and landscapes. 

Our landscaping and garden design include features like living walls, vertical gardens, floating indoor landscaping, stone landscaping, water landscaping etc.


Home renovation

We are your best option if you want to renovate your home using the newest interior design trends. We make interior house renovation without emptying your bank account. Our home remodelling service include fixing or replacing furniture, doors, windows, kitchen cabinets, curtains, wall paint, and wardrobes.!

 Our crew of designers manages home renovations expertly. We transform your home into something you’ll adore


Furniture placement

We place furniture in your spaces in a way that is both functional and beautiful. Our interior design team work effectively when positioning the furniture in a room to enhance its aesthetic appeal.

We choose the conversion spaces, strike a balance while setting up the furniture, and use the appropriate-sized furniture for the right space. We ensure that the furniture fits the area that they are installed in and enhance the look of the spaces.



Space adjustment

Whether you have a studio apartment, a small living room, or a small drawing room, we are experts at maximising space and fitting large furniture into small spaces. 

With the help of wall beds, sofas that can be converted into beds, space-saving tables, storage beds, wall showcases, small wardrobes, etc., we can fit everything you need in a room, no matter how small. 

We manage to cram large furniture into a small space with the help of our ingenuity and planning.


One of our core strengths is our on-site execution service and it helps perfect the interior design of any home. 

Turnkey interior design solutions mean a one-stop solution that leads to hassle-free planning and execution. Our team of craftsmen and construction managers turn dreams into reality.



We help you see your vision unfold by offering a range of solutions to meet your needs and expectations to suit your lifestyle, using the latest design software.

Onsite supervision

Highly experienced staff takes complete responsibility for the close supervision of each ongoing project to control the quality, execution and most importantly the schedule


After Sales Support

For each of our turnkey interior design projects, we provide free services for a few years towards maintenance and repair

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